Basic Tips For A Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is something that most of us aspire to, but find difficult, and especially if you like fast food, donuts and candy, it can be a challenge eating healthily. The following tips can help to keep you on track when it comes to a healthy diet, for you and the rest of the family.

Planning your meals for the week ahead is recommended, especially for anyone who is always busy. Putting some healthy snacks in your kids’ lunch bags, and packing your own lunch for work, instead of eating out can help. If you have weight loss goals, keep them realistic and attainable; that way you are more likely to achieve them. And remember, it’s acceptable to break down and have pizza, ice cream or fast food occasionally – just not too often. If you eat out and the portions are too large, take half of it home and have it for lunch the next day.

Cutting down on sugar and saturated fat is one of the best moves you can make if your goal is a healthy diet. About 30 grams of saturated fat each day is recommended for men; about 20 grams for women. Hard cheese, butter, cream, pies and sausages all contain a lot of saturated fat, and there is often more sugar than you realize in cakes, candy, certain breakfast cereals, and of course sugary drinks. Consider drinking water, juice or smoothies instead of soda, and buying low fat cheese and milk. Drinking plenty of water daily is recommended anyway, and can have several health benefits, as well as curbing the appetite.

Most dietitians will tell you that you should incorporate five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. It isn’t easy to do, but once you have substituted fruit for other snacks, or added some fresh fruit to your cereal, it will become second nature. Fish is an excellent source of most of the daily minerals and proteins that we need, and if you are serious about a healthy diet, eating more fish can be highly beneficial. However, smoked and canned fish can contain a lot of salt; instead, look for frozen or fresh haddock, tuna, cod or plaice. Your daily diet should also consist of about 30 percent of starchy fats, such as those found in bread, pasta and potatoes.

It can be a challenge to embrace a healthy diet, especially if you just aren’t used to watching portions, eating more fruit and veg, and limiting your fat and sugar intake. Start out slowly, have realistic goals and track your progress whenever possible. As with other fitness goals, it is also a lot easier if you have the support of family or friends.